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From left, Luke Miosek, Dylan Craig and Gavin Grady enjoy participating in the Halloween parade in Cooperstown in 2017. The parade has been canceled for 2021, the second consecutive year it has been stopped because of the coronavirus pandemic. (Ian Austin/ 

Cooperstown Halloween parade
canceled again because of COVID

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Cooperstown’s annual Halloween parade has been canceled for the second consecutive year because of the coronavirus pandemic.

“This was a difficult decision,” said Tara Burke, executive director of the Cooperstown Chamber of Commerce in a media release. “We know the parade is a beloved local tradition, and we certainly enjoy providing it and celebrating with the community each year.

“However, foremost in our minds was being cautious about the safety of the primarily young children who attend this event and are not yet able to be vaccinated,” continued Burke. “The parade brings in many families from different locations locally and regionally, and of greatest concern are the points of crowding typically involved. Gathering is common especially at the beginning of the parade, and at the end when families line up along Chestnut Street and congregate around the tent set up in front of our cottage for cider and treats. We did not want to take any chances. There are many other fantastic offerings from our local businesses and organizations that are lower risk, and that young children can enjoy more safely in celebrating Halloween this year. We are eager to help promote those opportunities.”

Halloween season festivities for families in Cooperstown will include an outdoor Halloween-themed movie and children’s activity with the Village Library of Cooperstown and the Cooperstown Police Department, the Cooperstown Art Association’s Annual Pumpkin Glow, Trunk-or-Treat at the Railroad Inn, Day of the Dead Celebration at the Village Library with the Cooperstown Graduate Program and of trick-or-treating throughout the village.

For more information about local Halloween events, visit the Cooperstown Chamber’s online event calendar at, or email and ask for the Cooperstown Chamber’s Halloween Guide.




  1. This is a “horrific” Halloween decision. I am a big fan of vaccinations, but there are no documented cases of outdoor spread, and these children are indoor at school with each other every day!
    This is not science based. It smells like the over-reaching village board that decided to mask everyone outside last year. Inside, like most major cities, sure, but science cuts both ways. Super low risk event, ruined by super over controlling authorities.
    Any you wonder why people don’t listen?

  2. What a shame for these kids that were unable to celebrate so many holidays and events last year. I don’t quite understand how we can have THOUSANDS of people FROM ALL OVER the country in town just last month for the Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony, but we cannot allow local children to attend a Halloween Parade. These are LOCAL children that have worn masks and practiced social distancing for the past year and a half and will be monitored by their parents at the event. Seems like a NONSENSE decision. Definitely a trick for these children, not a treat!!!

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