Curious Bear Enjoys The View From Otsego Lake’s East Side

Curious Bear Enjoys The View

From Otsego Lake’s East Side

Brigitte Priem, who runs the Lakeview Lodge on the ridge to the east of Otsego Lake, reports this bold bear walked onto her porch last evening.   “I bring my bird feeders in during the night, but this bear walked up onto my porch and took a look at the view,” she related in an email today, “turned around, looked through my French doors into the house, and then casually walked back into the woods after seeing there was no food for him.  You can see by the beautiful sunset, it was not dark outside.”  She reports Facebook friends have reported bear across that neighborhood recently, from Cooperstown’s Estli Avenue to Ottaway Road in the Town of Middlefield.  If any of you viewing this post have photos of bears (or other exotic wildlife in your neighborhood, send them along to

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