Delgado Decries Greed To 120 Fans At SUNY

Delgado Decries Greed

To 120 Fans At SUNY

Appearing before an applauding crowd of 120 at SUNY Oneonta’s HIRC Lecture Hall One this evening, Democratic Congressional candidate Antonio Delgado declared that, with the arrival of “greed,” the the country’s modern-day problems began.  Today, he said, 80 percent of Americans are sharing 10 percent of the wealth; 40 percent of the Farm Bill his opponent, Republican incumbent John Faso, R-Kinderhook, voted for benefits only the 3 percent of farmers – wealthy agribusiness.  Some 50 percent of Americans, he said, lack the cash reserves to write a $500 check.   Delgado, who was unable to attend the one debate the Oneonta and Cooperstown Leagues of Women Voters had attempted to organize in Otsego County, was here at one of “community forums” that his campaign is organizing around the 19th Congressional District. (Jim Kevlin/

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