DiPerna Invited Back To Vatican To Advise Pope


Jacob Smith of Toddsville reported this goat loose Friday afternoon, Feb. 22, causing consternation in that Town of Otsego hamlet. Its owners, Hank and Diane Nichols of Cooperstown, claimed the animal and reported it safely back in its pen that evening

DiPerna Invited Back To Vatican To Advise Pope

COOPERSTOWN – Paula DiPerna, the Cooperstown-based consultant, has been invited back to the Vatican March 7-9 to confer with Pope Francis on U.N. goals for social and economic development, called SDGs.
She first met the Pope last June, while attending special Vatican conference of environmental leaders in Rome.

PONDERING FUTURE: The first meeting of the Otsego County “Energy Task Force” was planned at 5 p.m. Wednesday, Feb. 27, at Oneonta Town Hall, West Oneonta. For details, check

Cobleskill were in Otsego County Jail for punching a state trooper trying to break up a fight between the two men alongside I-88 near Worcester Tuesday, Feb. 19.
►NIXON’S SPEECHWRITER, Raymond Price, died in New York City. He was familiar with Roseboom, where a sister and nephew live.

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