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Letter from Cynthia Falk, Richard Sternberg, Joseph Membrino, Hanna Bergene, Sydney Sheehan, George Fasanelli, James Dean and Jeanne Dewey

Coop Trustees Back Benton

We write in strong support of MacGuire Benton’s campaign for Otsego County clerk. All of us who served as Village of Cooperstown Trustees with Mr. Benton, or succeeded him in that position, recognize and appreciate Mr. Benton’s character, integrity, and commitment to residents’ and visitors’ well-being. Those core values informed Mr. Benton’s service as village trustee, whether the topic was public safety, environmental sustainability, the management of Doubleday Field, or the preservation and maintenance of our historic public buildings. In our view, they will serve him well as county clerk.

Born, raised, and schooled in Cooperstown, Mr. Benton is among the growing number is among the growing number of young people who stayed home, came home, or are making a new home in Otsego County because of their shared vision for economic security, a healthy environment, public service, and stewardship of the area’s cultural and historical legacy.

Mr. Benton has worked in the public sector in Otsego County as deputy elections commissioner and for a thriving local business, demonstrating his abilities, commitment, and forward-thinking attitude.
Mr. Benton knows the importance of efficient essential government services, such as motor vehicle registration, title transfers, deed recordation, and power of attorney filings to both newcomers and long-time Otsego county residents. He wants government to work for people, not against them. Mr. Benton is committed to equitable service for everyone in Otsego County, without favoritism or prejudice.

Most important, Mr. Benton recognizes the value of the county’s civil service workforce to all residents, and he appreciates the need for continuity during election transitions. On that score, his record on behalf of village employees precedes him. Mr. Benton’s steadfast commitment to village employee welfare persuaded us trustees, all of whom—for the record—are unpaid, to increase salaries for veteran and new employees. The village accomplished this goal without raising taxes or reducing services. That record should reassure all who will be his colleagues in the county offices and the public they serve.

A vote for MacGuire Benton is a vote for a promising future at home in Otsego County.

Cynthia Falk
Richard Sternberg
Joseph Membrino
Hanna Bergene
Sydney Sheehan
George Fasanelli
James Dean
Jeanne Dewey


Note: This letter expresses the personal views of the authors; it is not an official statement by the Village of Cooperstown.



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