Fine Food, Fun Food: Where Do You Get a Good Cone?


Where’s Do You Get

A Good Cone?

Just because I’m an adult doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy a delicious gooey sundae every so often! At Golden Guernsey, sundaes are generous with the toppings and have a flavor for every mood. I like to start with Perry’s black cherry ice cream, pour on the marshmallow and a little drizzle of strawberry, then top it all with whipped cream, rainbow sprinkles and a cherry on top! The healthiest choice? Not by far – but I’ve never regretted a single one. (Golden Guernsey, 15 Main St., Oneonta)


Managing Editor

Beat the heat this summer at the Brain Freeze on Main Street, Cooperstown.  I tried out the Razzle, a cup of ice cream with toppings of choice, all mixed together on the spot. Mine had vanilla soft-serve ice cream and toppings of Oreos and Gummy Bears. The Oreos were delicious, the Gummy Bears added a candy fruit flavor to the vanilla. Great for walking around, keeping cool. Just don’t eat too quickly, you might give yourself – yes! – a Brain Freeze! (Brain Freeze, 69 Main St., Cooperstown)


Office Manager

You would think that soft ice cream is soft ice cream, right?  The machines all appear the same and you’d also think there is a soft ice cream recipe. Pour the ingredients in, let the machine do its thing and presto—soft ice cream!   Evidently that’s not how it works because Jerry’s has the absolute best I’ve ever had. It’s so creamy, sweet, full of flavor and satisfying. I get the Zebra, a yummy swirl of chocolate and vanilla. The best of both worlds. And a small is about 4-inches tall!

While I was waiting on my cone, I wished I had branched out from my usual Zebra and ordered the Turtle sundae!  A lady picked her order up and it was pure joy in a cup. It had my soft vanilla ice cream, but then it was loaded with gooey caramel and hot fudge, then topped with a mound of whipped cream and pecans. Who could go wrong with that?  Next time….(Jerry’s Place, 6635 NY-28, Hartwick)


General Manager

I normally just get a one-scoop ice cream cone, but when I went to Pondo’s in Oneonta, I decided to up my game and ordered their small Grasshopper Pie Sundae.  The sundae featured two scoops of creamy mint ice cream topped with crumbled chocolate pie crust, caramel and hot fudge sauces, whipped cream, and a cherry on top.

Its delectability and richness almost overwhelmed me, but I persevered and ate the whole thing.  I loved the Grasshopper Pie Sundae, but Pondo’s has so many treats to try.  Next time I go to Pondo’s, I think I’ll have one of their soft serve ice cream cones.  But which of the 24 flavors should I try?  I’m thinking, Rum!


Staff Reporter

Almost home?  Anticipating a wait to get into Dreams Park?  Or simply to get through Hartwick Seminary?  Look up, and there it is: Pop’s Place.

“Just what I needed!”  Am I hearing it on the radio or imagining it?  As it is, it’s located halfway through the Cooperstown-Milford commute, and you may frequently find yourself there just when you need it.

The soft vanilla, as creamy as you might wish for, is what I always get.  Small is fine, if it’s an early dessert en route home.

Try it.  You’ll need it. (Pop’s Place, 4337 Route 28, just south of Dream’s Park. 286-7219.)


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