FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Dr. Seuss Joins Mr. Potato Head


Dr. Seuss Joins Mr. Potato Head

If you haven’t heard, Dr. Seuss is being canceled.

The same boneheads who claim that the “mister” in Mr. Potato Head is overly “exclusive,” that Aunt Jemima syrup encouraged racial stereotyping, that math is a vestige of White supremacy and that gender reveal parties are “transphobic,” want you to find racism in the pages of “Hop on Pop.”

This is absurd, of course, and makes Democrats who applaud such virtue signaling look stupid. But the urge to condemn people who challenge the woke mob and cancel every icon of American life – the founders of our nation, the historical monuments that adorn our cities, the books we grew up reading – has reached a tipping point.

Even the famously left-wing Bill Maher is calling for an end to the excess, telling his TV audience, “Cancel culture is real, it’s insane and it’s growing exponentially.”

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One thought on “FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Dr. Seuss Joins Mr. Potato Head

  1. Karen Taylor

    Well first of all my name is Karen & I’m starting to become an “angry” one. Dr Seuss books have always been super fun to me; stop making these a bad thing. Children’s fun books don’t foster racism – parents and other family teach this as has usually been passed down to them. And please leave my beloved Mr. Potato Head alone- good grief!!!

    And one more thing, aunt Jemima in my home and life did not make me have a stereotype towards black people. I’m not a prejudiced person and never will be. However, I admit that I might smack the next person without a mask, call it results of the pandemic or perhaps I’m just tired of being picked on because I’m a Karen…

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