Gregory: Heating Oil Users Beware

Letter from Joseph Gregory

Heating Oil Users Beware

Homeowners who heat with fuel oil, beware.

On May 24, 2021, Senator Peter Oberacker voted yes on bioheating fuel requirements. Biodiesel has solvents that are hard on older heating systems, resulting in leaks and clogs.

Many farmers use heating oil in their tractors because of the lubricant properties in it. Biodiesel is bad on older tractor injection systems.

August 23, Terry Bernardo will be getting my vote.

Joseph Gregory
Mount Vision

One thought on “Gregory: Heating Oil Users Beware

  1. Rocco J Lacertosa

    Please get your facts straight. Biodiesel does not do what the author here is alleging.
    Biodiesel is made from soybean oil and other feedstocks that not only improve efficiency in on and off-road equipment and are added to heating oil here in the Northeast which also reduces greenhouse gas emissions.
    In NYC we began using in at 2% in 2012 and now we blend at 5% and higher with no equipment issues whatsoever.

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