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‘Hamilton’ Makes History

With 16 Tony Nominations

Oneonta native Carleigh Bettiol in the Tony-award nominated "Hamilton"
Oneonta native Carleigh Bettiol on stage in the Tony-award nominated “Hamilton”

ONEONTA – With nominations in every category, Lin-Manuel Miranda’s “Hamilton” – with Oneonta’s Carleigh Bettiol on the celebrated cast – has made Tony Award history with a total of 16 nominations.

The Broadway smash hit, which includes Carleigh in the chorus, but also as an understudy for Phillipa Soo (Elizabeth Schuyler Hamilton), won a Grammy Award for Best Musical Theater album this past February, as well as a Pulitzer Prize.

“Hamilton” has been nominated for a Tony in every musical category, including Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Book of a Musical and Best Musical, as well as designs in lighting, scenery and costumes.

The Tony Awards will be broadcast live at 8 p.m. Sunday, June 12 on CBS.



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