Hawkeyes Grind Down Tioga Star To Gain Final 4


Hawkeyes Grind

Down Tioga Star

To Enter Final 4

Hawkeyes Victorious! Jackson Martz, Ryan Lansing, Kyle Meyer and their fellow teammates lift their trophy. (Ian Austin/AllOTSEGO.com)
Pitcher Kendall Haney shows his winning form.

BINGHAMTON – The thrill of baseball was on display today as the Cooperstown Hawkeyes varsity team came back from a 4-7 deficit in the top of the seventh inning to edge ahead to a 8-7 victory over Tioga.

That puts Cooperstown in the Class C Final Four for the second time in three years.

The key play actually came in the second inning, when Tioga Tigers had a chance to cement their lead.  With the bases loaded, Hawkeye Eric Deysenroth made a critical catch – the critical out that kept Cooperstown in the game.

In the seventh inning with a three-run deficit, Cooperstown was at the top of the order.   The bases started to fill up, then sophomore Alex Hascup’s single brought in two runs, then senior Jesse Furnari’s single down the left field line brought in two runners to give the Hawkeyes the 8-7 lead.

Senior Jesse Furnari and coach Frank Miosek embrace in victory.

The formidable obstacle throughout was Pierce Hendershot, Tioga’s pitcher who is headed to St. Bonaventure, a baseball powerhouse, this fall.  He also hit a home run.

But the Hawkeyes continued to grind away at him – by game’s end, he had been forced to throw over 100 pitches.

For Cooperstown pitching, Chris Ubner started and ended the game, with Kendall Haney, who also  slammed three doubles,  and Deysenroth pitching in relief.

Early on, Tioga was ahead 3-1.  The Cooperstown boys tied it at 3-3.  Tioga moved ahead 4-3.  Cooperstown tied it at 4-4.  Then Tioga gained the lead which it lost at the end.

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