Hometown History 9-30-21

Hometown History

135 Years Ago
The much anticipated Oneonta Agricultural Society sponsored wedding at the Oneonta Fair, scheduled for last Saturday, between Mr. George Lee of Scranton, Pennsylvania and Miss Sykes of Binghamton did not come about as advertised. However, the society secured another couple, Albert H. Jeffrey and Mary E. Sickler, who reside near Schuyler’s Lake in this county. Promptly at one o’clock on Saturday afternoon, when the bell at the judges’ stand announced the coming of the bridal party, nearly everybody on the grounds directed their steps toward the grandstand where the ceremony was to occur. There were probably not less than 8,000 people to witness the ceremony. Before A.B. Richardson proceeded with the ceremony, he asked that order and decorum prevail. His request was complied with, for during the entire ceremony, no unseemly act or remark was noticed.
September 1886

110 Years Ago
Local News – Miss Ruth Butterfield, who last week left for Poughkeepsie to enter Vassar College, had the misfortune to have her trunks containing all her books, clothing and other personal effects burned in the fire of Wednesday, September 20, at the steamboat wharf in that city. Though the loss was a heavy one and almost heartbreaking to one entering college for the first year, everybody was more than kind. Additional time for entering college was granted by the president, and the general agent of the steamboat line met Miss Butterfield and her mother, Mrs. M.F. Butterfield, in New York and he gave helpful assistance in replacing the lost effects. The trunk of Miss Butterfield was recognized only from the partly consumed cover of her Bible, where on her name was printed in gold letters.
September 1911

90 Years Ago
A report that an automobile containing four persons had run into the Wilber Park swimming pool early Sunday morning sent all available night policemen scurrying to that vicinity. Upon arrival at the pool, the officers immediately started a draining of the water. The machine was located and pulled to shore by a towing car. Investigation of the machine, however, failed to reveal any occupants and police were left in a puzzled frame of mind. However, about 5 o’clock on that morning, Richard Cook, 175 West Street, walked into police headquarters and claimed ownership of the machine. He said that the lights of his car went out while he was driving past the pool in a heavy fog.
September 1931

70 Years Ago
A half million dollar building program is scheduled to get underway at Hartwick College by next spring the college announced yesterday. Shortages of critical materials needed for national defense may delay the work, but the college will nevertheless begin construction of a college chapel and a girls’ dormitory. Funds for the chapel were raised by the United Lutheran Church in America in a nationwide drive conducted last year. The plans for the chapel have been approved by the church’s architecture committee.
September 1951

50 Years Ago
More and more fashion-conscious women seem to be collecting complete wig wardrobes. As accessories, wigs are becoming as important as jewelry, gloves and handbags. Running the gamut from gamin to siren, today’s woman can make a quick change from blond movie queen to raven-haired femme fatale — all at the flip of a wig. One look-into-the-future wig features “hair-print” with patterned strands of color. The natural look of synthetic wigs, the new light and well-fitted bases, and a wealth of styles and hair-colorings are making wigs the must-have new accessory for fall
September 1971

40 Years Ago
The U.S. Senate passed and sent to President Reagan Tuesday a bill boosting the national debt limit past $1 trillion for the first time. The bill will permit the government to borrow the money it needs to pay bills in the fiscal year beginning Thursday. The measure was passed by a vote of 64-34 after Republican leaders fought off a series of amendments that would have sent it back to the Democrat-dominated House of Representatives. It is the fifth increase in the debt limit since 1978 when the limit was $798 billion and the actual debt at the end of the fiscal year was $772.69 billion.
September 1981


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