DUNCAN: If Laws Don’t Work, Let’s Try A Little Tenderness


If Laws Don’t Work, Let’s

Try A Little Tenderness

To the Editor:

It always amazed me to see the picturesque and charming villages in Vermont. How is it that the townsfolk work together to create what I think are charming well keep towns?

What you see with your eyes effects your health. This is an ancient concept that has now been proven by modern science. Isn’t that one of the reasons we live in the country? The beauty of nature and the seasons.

Autos and trucks have no use just sitting and resting, abandon on front lawns. The rain washes the chemicals from the vehicle into the ground and into the drinking water.  I’m not sure what people get from seeing their old beaten-up cars sitting around on their front lawn or driveway?

Mowing grass is a pain to me. I am planting more and more flowers and small fruit trees – that equals less and less grass to mow!

The Town of Hartwick’s attempt at threatening people with jail or fines is just a power game so that a few people get their way.

Better to use compassion. Form a community for the beautification of Hartwick, a group of people that helps their neighbor on Saturdays. A discussion on health and design. Educate, don’t threaten and punish. That only isolates and infuriates.

It is time we started dealing with things on a local level, as just plain neighbors and friends. Don’t try and equate everything in terms of money.

Oh, by the way my neighbor’s dog barks a lot…any suggestions?


Hartwick Forrest

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