Jury finds Dylan Robinson guilty of murdering his father

Dylan Robinson shortly before the guilty verdict was read at the Otsego County Courthouse. (Kevin Limiti/Allotsego)

Jury finds
Dylan Robinson guilty
of murdering his father

By KEVIN LIMITI • Special to www.AllOTSEGO.com

COOERSTOWN — An Otsego County jury found teenager Dylan Robinson guilty of second-degree murder in the Oct. 10, 2019, shooting death of his father, Kenneth Robinson of Worcester.

The jury acquitted Robinson of one count , third-degree arson, but found him guilty of two other counts in addition to the murder charges, third-degree robbery and first-degree burglary.

Robinson stood with his hands in his pockets at the verdict was read.

“Everything went as planned,” District Attorney John Muehl, allowing that Alexander Borggreen refusing to testify was a slight hiccup.

“In my opinion the right verdict was reached, but how do you ever feel good about putting a 17 year old in prison? You don’t. It’s a no-win situation. All these kids go to prison but you can’t have even 17 year old’s killing people.” Muehl said.

Muehl said that Borggreen, who was already convicted, might be brought up on further charges as a consequence to refusing to testify against Robinson.

Muehl named Anais Soto and Robinson’s brother Cory Robinson as keys to the conviction, but stated that he felt bad brining Cory Robinson up and felt it wouldn’t have been necessary had Borggreen testified.

Sentencing will take place Monday, Aug. 23, at the Otsego County Courthouse in Cooperstown.

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