K-Boy’s Little Buddy

Photo by Samantha Manee

K-Boy’s Little Buddy

HARTWICK—Three-year-old munchkin, Nacho, is a pasture pal for the Manee family’s 23-year-old quarter horse, K-Boy. Nacho does his job well, which is to keep K-Boy young, and we’re told “he’s a little spicy”—living up to his name. We invite you to send pictures of your furry, feathered or finned friends to darlay@allotsego.com. Every week, we’ll select at least one photograph to be highlighted in the newspapers. In the coming days, Nacho, K-Boy and a host of other beloved pets will be available for viewing on the AllOtsego.com website. Look for the link to “Furever Friends and Purrfect Pals.”

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