Kuhn wins Bassett award for ‘clinical excellence’


Kuhn wins Bassett award
for ‘clinical excellence’

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Bassett Healthcare Network announced last week that Maureen Kuhn is the 2021 recipient of the Bassett Medical Center’s Advanced Practice Clinical Award of Excellence.

Kuhn, a nurse practitioner and the medical director of Cherry Valley Health Center, was honored as “an exceptional caregiver who uses all resources at her disposal to meet patient needs, as a gifted leader and a trusted guide for other leaders, and as an inspiring teacher raising up tomorrow’s caregivers,” according to a media release from Bassett.

“To get this award from peers I’ve worked with is a great honor,” Kuhn said in the release. “I have particularly enjoyed teaching nurse practitioner students for more than 35 years. I came here as a precept student working with Dr. Pollack, Debbie Dickenson, and George Case. When I returned later to work full-time I committed myself to giving back. I’ve always had a nurse practitioner student since.”

Kuhn’s nominators consider her an exceptional community member as well.

“She has established a deep, abiding connection with the Cherry Valley community,” one commenter said. “She is their provider, their friend, their counselor. She is a part of the community in a way that few practitioners can begin to emulate.”

“You get what you give,” Kuhn said. “Anytime you make an investment in an organization, you get something back. Committing yourself to a community enhances your practice. It’s a blessing taking care of three, four, or five generations of a family and knowing that history. I’ve attended my patients’ weddings, funerals, graduation parties, and those sorts of things.

“The last 38 years have been a good ride,” she continued. “This award is a great capstone as I look ahead to retirement.”

The award is among the network’s highest honors, according to a media release from Bassett.

2 thoughts on “Kuhn wins Bassett award for ‘clinical excellence’

  1. Mary Anne Whelan

    So happy to see Maureen acknowledged in this way! She is superb in every way – professionally and personally. maw

  2. Carol Page

    Congratulations to the best health provider ever! We love you Maureen
    Thanks from all us Pages

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