Landmark Flagpole Goes – At Least For A While


Landmark Flagpole Goes

– At Least For A While

Cooperstonians won’t be giving take-a-left-at-THE-flagpole directions, at least for the while.  Delaware Engineering crews removed the landmark flagpole at Main and Pioneer this morning, part of the $1.2 million reconstruction of Pioneer Street between Church and Lake.  Mayor Jeff Katz said the intent is to replace it – but with what and how soon is still up in the air.  Katz said there is money for a new installation in the TEP (the federal Transportation Enhancement Project for Main Street scheduled for next year), but if it’s not too expensive, Village Hall may go ahead and replace it now.  “If we can do it now, we’ll do it now,” he said, adding that DPW Superintendent Mitch Hotaling is looking into the cost now.  The current flagpole has been in place since 2007, when a truck taking a turn knocked over a bigger, more sturdy one.

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