LANSING: Voters Urged to Think First

Letter from Douglas B. Lansing

Voters Urged to Think First

Some shared thoughts as you head to the polls:

Each candidate for each election should be evaluated based on their own merit. In my opinion, voting only “for my team” or “against your team” is lazy American citizenship. Down-ballot voting is dangerous for all of us.

American democracy has veered from our Founding Fathers’ intended destination. We, the citizens of America, have to bring the American Republic back on course.

The USA has become like the NFL, MLB and the NBA. (All successful U.S. corporations, by the way.) If one wants to MAGA, then one must NOT go to the polls as if you’re a typical American sports fan going to cheer their team on for a football, baseball or basketball game.

Go into that voting booth on November 8 (or earlier) as an intelligent, considered, patriotic American citizen. Cast your ballot in 2022 as you believe a colonial citizen of The Thirteen Colonies would have cast their ballot in 1776.


I’m cheering for The United States of America!


Douglas B. Lansing
Lake Placid

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