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Let’s Not Jump

To Conclusions

D.A. Muehl Says

Be Cautious, Prosecutor Cautions:

Eyewitness Accounts ‘Inaccurate’

By JIM KEVLIN • Special to

D.A. Muehl

COOPERSTOWN – Eyewitness accounts of last Tuesday’s fatal shooting by a police officer on River Street “have not been accurate,” District Attorney John Muehl said this morning.

“I’ve seen the video,” said Muehl, referring to the body cam worn by Sgt. Ralph Pajerski, who twice shot Tyler Green, 23, of 48 River St., on responding to a domestic disturbance.  Green, also known as Tyler Johnson, later died.

Muehl mentioned some specifics:  Green was not shot in the chest, but in the stomach; he was on the ground when he was shot, not standing.  “The child was always in the mother’s arms,” he added.

While he declined to get into further details, he encouraged people not to come to conclusions about what happened until the state Attorney General’s investigation is complete, and an authoritative account can be presented.

“I don’t want to say too much,” Muehl said. “I don’t want to ge tin the way of the Attorney General’s investigation.  I just don’t want the community given facts that simply aren’t correct.”




  1. I’ve seen the video and completely agree with the officer’s decision. Its quite clear the suspect had no intention to follow the simple order to drop his weapon, and did not have a cuddle in mind as he was reaching for mom and child. If he had been allowed to continue what he was trying to do and injured either one would you sleep well at night if you were in that officer’s shoes and knew you could have prevented it. That’s a child for crying out loud.

  2. Let the Judicial system do it’s job!
    Spreading rumors and gossip will only hurt people. May the community find strength and peace.

  3. so how was the officers supposed to deal with this ? Could not use mace nor the Tazer being their was a baby in the mix and close by. THe guy yelled he was going to kill his woman .I think it was a good shooting by the officer. Though I kinda doubt there is such a thing as anything good about any shooting…People are nutz these days and they have no regards for human life..We need to get back to the days when folks with mental problems could get help. I don’t have the answers to what society has become KWD.

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