Letter: A grateful heart for our community

A grateful heart for our community

Two years ago it was discovered that my daughter Vincenza was suffering from an unspecified bone marrow failure, where her own body was destroying her red blood cells. Red blood cells are responsible for carrying oxygen throughout your body. She didn’t have enough and was literally suffocating. Fast forward to now, with a lot of treatment in between, she is at N.Y. Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Medical Center recovering from a bone marrow transplant, compliments of her brother!

These two years represent ups, downs, fears, and uncertainty of huge proportion. We have all felt depleted right to our core. As the result of friends, neighbors and loved ones, we have forged ahead. Yet because of the community we call home, we were blessed with more support, compassion, love and prayers than one could expect.

It started with a large Christmas package which arrived filled with all of the things she would love. It was clear that each gift had been selected for her. The elves responsible were the individuals who have provided care to Vincenza on a daily basis at the Cancer Center for the last 23 months. They wanted her to know they missed her and were optimistic about her recovery. We cried and felt so embraced by this act.
Our second episode happened when two large envelopes arrived filled with cards and notes for Vincenza. Staff at Cooperstown Central School and students had sent cards of well wishes, encouragement, prayers and inspiration. As I sat their reading each one to my daughter I cried.

Thank you everyone who took the time to write a card or note and thank you to Jennifer Pindar and Rebecca Sciallo for coordinating this. The impact that these notes have had are immeasurable. I am so overwhelmed with gratitude for each and everyone in our community who has in some way embraced us through our journey. We will be forever thankful and truly feel blessed to be apart of such a loving community.

Many thanks,

Ln Alessi

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