Letter: An opinion on patriotism

Letter: An opinion on patriotism

To the Editor,

The Democrats have control of our country currently and the leadership has come under control of globalist radicals trying to implement their “Global Great Reset.” They need to take this country out of the way first so they can proceed.

This is why they had to take the 2020 election and the Georgia Senate runoff in January. Four more years of Trump would have probably put an end to their long-progressing plan. It’s on fast track now because of how Trump exposed them.

If their agenda is left unchecked, we will lose our freedoms, rights, savings, religion, and everything our Constitution stands for.

We have to realize: currently all our Democrat representatives are following leadership like a flock of sheep, while too many of our Republicans are playing soft ball to the Democrats hard ball.

What can we do?

We must speak out, not conform, to unconstitutional mandates, plus identify and support our true patriots that are willing to stand up for us and our country.

Mike Lindell has shown his patriotism by launching his website that offers truth in what is really going on and some things we might do. He has hard facts about the election that need to get to the Supreme Court.

The religious based Faith & Freedom Coalition tells you how they use contributions and how far they reach.

President Trump (like him or not) is a true patriot. I can tolerate him if he can help us save our country.
There are many patriot politicians across our country we must identify and support.

Every freedom-loving citizen must stand up now to save our great country. We must know exactly what is coming at us and react before it will take guns and deaths to regain our freedom.

Prayer should also be part of our priority.

Bruce Beckert
South New Berlin

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