Letter from Nancy Kelly: Redistricting

Letter from Nancy Kelly


I voted for Anthony Delgado to represent me in the 19th Congressional District, not Elise Stefanik in the 21st Congressional District. I didn’t ask to be redistricted, but now I am being represented by a Trump devotee and I don’t like it. After both parties disagreed on where to draw the lines after the 2020 census, New York Appellate Court Judges appointed map maker Jonathan Cervas, a 37-year-old former bartender from Las Vegas and current postdoctoral fellow at the Institute for Politics and Strategy at Carnegie Mellon University in Pennsylvania, to make the decision about redistricting in New York. He says he is pro-democracy and politically independent, but he recently voted for a Republican candidate in a primary and admits that he favors one side more than the other. An article from AllOtsego.com, 5-26-22, says “the new maps split the county roughly in north/south fashion, with towns from Milford and north falling into in the 21st Congressional District; the southern half into the 19th”. I don’t know how all the redrawn lines will affect New York State, but in my corner of the world, I will be voting for Matt Castelli, the probable Democratic candidate to represent me in the new 21st Congressional District and oust Ms. Stefanik in November, and I urge all voters in this new district of New York to evaluate Ms. Stefanik’s political ideology to make their
own decision.

Nancy Kelly

One thought on “Letter from Nancy Kelly: Redistricting

  1. Harold Shinski

    I agree wholeheartedly with your view. I will never vote for a Trump bootlicker or any other Reptard as long as I live !

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