LWV: Your Vote: Investment That Will Pay Of

Letter from the League of Women Voters of the Cooperstown Area

Your Vote: Investment
That Will Pay Off

An investment in knowledge, noted Benjamin Franklin, pays the best interest. On May 16, you have the chance to make that investment when residents of the Cooperstown Central School District will elect its school board and vote on the annual district budget election. As the CCSD Board notes on its website, “Local control of education through elected school boards has its roots in American Colonial history. Through the years, communities have directed the education of their youth by annually electing school board members and approving budgets.” The League of Women Voters of the Cooperstown Area encourages all district residents to continue this long-held American tradition.

Lynne Mebust and Chris Franck are running for the two open seats on the board. Remember, even if board elections are uncontested, your vote signals the value you place on the work of the school board.

Residents will also vote on the annual district budget as well as other propositions. Two of the propositions would establish reserve funds—a transportation reserve fund and a capital reserve fund. The other budget propositions will support local community libraries—the Village Library of Cooperstown and the Kinney Memorial Library in Hartwick. As they have since 2014, district residents will vote as part of the school budget to support funding for the two local libraries in the district.

Election Day is Tuesday, May 16; polls are open from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. in the High School Auditorium. Any 18-year-old citizens who have been residents of the district for 30 days may vote even if they are not yet registered to vote with the Board of Elections.

Consider Franklin’s words and use your vote to make an investment that will pay off.

Kristin Pullyblank and Maureen Murray
League of Women Voters of the Cooperstown Area

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