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Letter from Ashok Malhotra

Appeal to President Biden: Please End War

As the war in Ukraine is escalating because of the ego-tripping of Russian President Putin and a more powerful response from the NATO countries along with the U.S. aid to the president of Ukraine to fight against the Russian aggression, there appears to be no end in sight to the war.

Thousands of Russian missiles and drones fired at the Ukrainian cities to raze its monuments and to kill its people are being destroyed by the counter maneuvers of the Ukrainian forces. All this destruction of these missiles and drones from Russia and Ukraine are instruments of war, which are being paid for by you and me, who are the tax payers. We, who are footing the bill for this destructive war, are not being consulted and, further, our voices are being completely ignored by the politicians in power.

Recently, the president of Ukraine announced that he will send its missiles and drones to destroy the Russian territory.

This maneuver will help to gain back Ukrainian territory captured by the Russians during more than a year-long war. As this strategy will require the help of the U.S. and NATO countries in terms of supplying Ukraine its most sophisticated weapons, and if Ukraine’s incursion into the Russian territory is successful, China will come to the aid of Russia by stirring up trouble into the territory of Taiwan by claiming its own right of possession of the island. This will open up another front for the U.S. where it will be fighting a war with the Chinese in the Pacific Ocean and a land war with the Russians in Ukraine.

This will be the beginning of the third World War for which we, the tax payers and citizens of the United States, would be footing the bill. To avoid the ruining of these precious resources and the human sacrifice—and to stop this madness of war fever—I, along with other concerned American citizens, plead with President Biden to send Secretary of State Antony Blinken and other experienced diplomats to sit down with the Russian and Ukrainian counterparts to end this war now. Otherwise, the third World War is in the air, which might turn into a nuclear war, destroying all of us and making this beautiful earth inhabitable for our children, grandchildren, and the future generations.

Ashok Malhotra


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  1. Thank you, Ashok. And while, from the outset, I have supported Ukraine in its fight to protect its homeland and resources, I can’t help but agree with your concerns regarding the potential global outcomes of this protracted conflict.

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