Man Arrested After Scuffle At Coin Store

One Arrest After Coin Store Scuffle

ONEONTA – An Edmeston man was arrested yesterday morning after Oneonta police responded to a disturbance at Oneonta Coin Co. and allegedly saw him in a physical confrontation with the owner.

Timothy E. Arnold, 47, was arrested after police were called by the store’s owner, James Phraner, to report a disturbance with a customer.  According to Acting Police Chief Doug Brenner, when officers arrived, Phraner, a professional weightlifter, was holding Arnold down.

According to police, Arnold entered the store and, following a dispute with Phraner, attempted to leave the store with a box of coins valued at $1,500.  Phraner called the police and held Arnold until the officers arrived.  Brenner said that when officers arrived, Arnold allegedly resisted their attempts to arrest him.

Arnold has been charged with the felonies of burglary in the third degree, class D felony and Attempted grand larceny in the fourth degree, class E felony, and the class A misdemeanor of resisting arrest.  If convicted of all charges, he faces 12 years’ incarceration.


2 thoughts on “Man Arrested After Scuffle At Coin Store

  1. John Benson

    The robber is extremely lucky that Jim Phraner did not rip him in half like a phone book…. cause he can….

  2. Unknown

    My guess is the “dispute” was about Arnold feeling he had somehow been duped, cheated or otherwise taken advantage and attempted to get back somehow. I doubt either Arnold or Phraner are angels in this matter. I expect the case was probably finally dropped once those two worked out their “dispute”. I am not nor would I want to associate myself with either of them!

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