Mayor Herzig Determined To Refill Vacant Housing


Mayor Herzig Determined

To Refill Vacant Housing

ONEONTA – In an exclusive interview with Hometown Oneonta’s Don Mathisen, Mayor Gary Herzig, who will be confirmed in his job in next Tuesday’s election, detailed steps he is taking to bring vacant housing back on the tax role in the first of five video excerpts that will appear on through Saturday.  Watch the video below, and for a full report on the interview, see this week’s Hometown Oneonta, on newsstands Wednesday afternoon.


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One thought on “Mayor Herzig Determined To Refill Vacant Housing

  1. Anonymous

    Criminal activity by your local government. Investigate. They are busy rewriting the minutes from council and commission meetings. I know because an alderman sent me an email with that information after I began questioning why already approved minutes had been removed from the website. Just like the city charter, these goons rewrite to further their nefarious agendas. More later.

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