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Leveraging the Power of Community

From causing a local positive impact, environmental transformations, community empowerment, and economic prosperity, small businesses can benefit from genuine connections.

Community is a popular term used freely and frequently around Upstate New York, and justly so. We cannot do everything alone; inside the community, we can heal, create, effect change, share knowledge, and establish ourselves while consecutively adding value to our businesses and surroundings. Whilst your stakeholders might like a business that shares social responsibilities, investing in your community is essential for everyone’s survival.

Successful businesses generate significant profits yearly, but creating a positive strategy and vision is a priority if you want long-lasting effects. Not only does it foster loyalty, lead generation, strong marketing, and establishing yourself as a pillar in the community, you add value to your surroundings. To help you start leveraging that power, here are a few tips on why they are highly impactful.

Creating a Third Space for Connection

Meaningful connections between you and the community are vital for any business. That’s why it’s essential to have a space where open dialogue can occur. Basic human need requires us to feel like we belong and feel valued. A third space could mean networking events such as Coffee with Coop, where people can hear a local industry leader speak and people can ask questions in a cozy, intimate Zoom space. Additionally, The Cooperstown Chamber of Commerce’s Business After Hours, where hosts who are members of the chamber can open their doors for other members to chat and foster relationships in a safe, supportive environment. After all, growth happens in such spaces.

Customer Engagement

This type of engagement can come from user-generated content, where people are encouraged to share photos or content related to your offer. Making your customers the real main characters gives them a platform for self-expression and can help build your brand and storytelling.

Educational Resources

Another way to help you build a great community is through education, such as content, practices, online events, freebies, forums, and educational Zoom webinars like the Ask an
Expert talks that provide knowledge on specific topics relevant to our members and access to an expert’s knowledge to receive practical advice.

Nurture Connections

Build trust and connections with the locals by showing them you care and tap into a genuine and authentic way of doing things. Choose to be actively involved in other people’s initiatives and aspirations, whether it be lending a hand, volunteering, participating in local events, or showing support in different ways.

Local communities can be powerful tools for creating everlasting impacts. As a business owner, entrepreneur, dreamer, or citizen, when you dive into the community, you help drive socio-economic change and environmental well-being, foster collaboration, and make life more sustainable and meaningful. The Cooperstown Chamber of Commerce aims to help its members and the Otsego community by creating value, hosting events, offering educational resources, vast opportunities, and so much more, all to transform the community we serve positively.

Alessandra Paul is the operations and marketing coordinator for the Cooperstown Chamber of Commerce.


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