Officer In Shooting 18-Year OPD Veteran

Officer In Shooting

18-Year OPD Veteran

Troopers Release Sgt. Pajerski’s Name

ONEONTA – A few minutes ago, state police at Sidney identified the Oneonta police office the officer who “fired his duty weapon, striking the subject” as Sgt. Ralph Pajerski, an 18-year veteran of the department.

The state police press release also said the man who was shot twice in the chest was Tyler R. Green, 23; he has been identified in press reports as Tyler Johnson.  He later died en route to Albany Medical Center by Medevac.

Pajerski has been with the OPD since 2003, as a uniformed patrol officer, field training officer, and bicycle patrol officer, and also is a member of the OPD’s Special Response Team.

As a certified Accident Reconstructionist., he is assigned to maintain and update the OPD’s  license plate reader and TRACs accident reporting software.  He is also the department’s Traffic Safety Coordinator.

He holds a bachelor’s degree from Northern Illinois University.

4 thoughts on “Officer In Shooting 18-Year OPD Veteran

  1. BillyJoe Browning

    They should be charged like the Floyd case there should be no reason that they shot that man when they had other meanings to take him down now the man is dead and his wife and baby have no father or husband🤬


    I know Tyler, a real nice guy and a good dad. I agree with Billy , the whole thing is wrong, that cop , who is a miserable man anyhow , had other options, he was gun happy and he should of found out what really was going on. the whole thing is printed wrong and I know is only thought was the safety of his son it wasn`t the way it was. I hope that cop pays for what he did. Oh and why did n`t they call for help instead of hand cuffing him when he knew he shot him twice in the chest, I hope they punish that bully

  3. Roger

    I disagree with BillyJoe Browning. If you’re brandishing a knife and are a danger to others and are not following the multiple orders to drop the knife, then shooting the subject is completely warranted.

  4. Jimmy Briguglio

    Jean Smoot. You’re wrong. If he was such a nice guy then why were the police called on a domestic issue? Look at the video. Your “nice guy” had a knife and was told to drop it. When you don’t listen you pay the price. The officer was well within his rights and doing what he was trained for.

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