Oneonta Police seek surveillance camera help in SUNY investigation

Oneonta Police seek surveillance camera help in SUNY investigation

As its investigation into last week’s death of a SUNY student continues, the Oneonta Police Department released a statement Wednesday, February 2, asking city residents in certain neighborhoods with surveillance cameras to check their devices for possible sightings of 20-year-old Tyler Lopresti-Castro.

The statement reads: “At this time, the Oneonta Police Department is seeking assistance from those members of the public who may have surveillance cameras covering the center-city streets west of East Street, the Chestnut Street or River Street corridors, Winney Hill Road, Oneida Street, Route 205, State Highway 28 to County Highway 48 within the City of Oneonta and Town of Oneonta.”

OPD asks residents to check their cameras for pedestrians and vehicles between midnight and 2:15 a.m. on January 27.

Police say investigators were able to preserve the victim’s cell phone and are in the process of conducting a forensic analysis on it – including data from phone providers, social media accounts, location data analysis, proximal IP addresses, surveillance video, interviews of associates, medical records, and examinations.

The statement reads: “It is understandable that there are questions in a case such as this. Many police investigations are arduous undertakings that may last weeks, months, and sometimes longer. Video must be reviewed, electronic devices sent to a forensics lab for analysis, records processed by corporations and sent to law enforcement for examination.”

OPD says the cases remains an active investigation, with no additional information to be released at this time. Those with tips can call the Oneonta Police Department at (607)-432-1111.


One thought on “Oneonta Police seek surveillance camera help in SUNY investigation

  1. Christian Self

    i know tyler i grew up with him, my brothers literal best friend, this was not his demeanor, what the media is saying is not giving the full story, he passed from being hazed at the fraternities hence why he was walking around the transit station, to keep warm, because he was being pledged and that was the last part of his hazing, someone was supposed to be there to pick him up and never showed. underage drinking, just saying no matter if the schools bring in 4 million the officers should dig more into this because you got eyes on this case nationally, and the fact that oneonta pd cant just sweep it under the rug like the last suicide and its known that the school is known problem with these issues. its pretty simple to find out where he was, he came out at 215 a.m. from a wooded area, where was he walking from thatll give you the answer, and you will arrest some of these fraternity members. this wasnt just accidental. this 20 year old did not have that demeanor and had everything going correct for him, this is why fraternities should be more monitored, tyler is the perfect examle of the issues that are within. nobody realizes it too late and hopefully the officers do there job instead of hiding it, just saying im pretty good at finding the correct info whether they like it or not

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