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Oneonta Visions Now Open

ANNA HILLIS (Photo provided)

ONEONTA—Oneonta native Anna Hillis is the manager of Visions Federal Credit Union’s new branch, located in the WellNow Plaza at 5001 State Route 23. As part of the branch’s grand opening celebrations, Visions is inviting the local community to visit the new facility, where they can learn about the credit union mission, services, and financial wellness resources, or open new accounts.

Their first in Otsego County, the Visions Oneonta branch offers accounts and financial services for individuals, businesses, and nonprofits and is equipped with a full-service teller line, office space for loan and account services, a walk-up ATM, an overnight depository, instant card printing services, and more.

“Thanks to our remote services like digital banking and our Contact Center, we’ve been serving hundreds of Oneonta residents over the last several years,” said Branch Manager Hillis. “Now, we’re happy to introduce these in-person resources and local staff to support them on their financial journey as we welcome new members, too.”

Born and raised in Oneonta, Hillis is a graduate of SUNY Oneonta with more than 10 years of experience in financial services.

Hired in March as branch manager, she said, “Through Visions, I get to make a positive impact every day by giving back to my hometown and caring for the local community.”

To coincide with the grand opening, Visions is offering a promotional share certificate that can only be opened at their Oneonta branch with newly-deposited funds. Available for a limited time, the certificate promises a high rate with a short term, and additional details are available online at


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