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Wind Project DEIS Misleading, Incomplete

New Leaf Energy, a developer based in Massachusetts, proposes to build two large wind turbines (each approximately 650 feet high and producing a total of approximately 10 Megawatts (MW) of energy when maximally productive—in New York state, this translates to 2-3 MW on average).…


The Partial Observer: Zero Emissions Transition Realistic?

Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act proponents claim that existing technology is sufficient for the transition to the zero emissions electric grid by the 2040 target and that because wind and solar are free the transition will be affordable. However, the first annual Public Service Commission informational report on the implementation of the Climate Act released last month tells another story. It notes that in 2022 the costs associated with the Climate Act increased the monthly electric bills 7.6 percent…

Cohen: Real Story of Climate Crisis Should be Told

As someone who follows local and national news reports, I must tell you I am worried about the recent extreme heat and wildfires raging across the country. I feel for people who lose their lives and livelihoods to extreme weather, and it’s only a matter of time until it directly hits me and my community.…


The Partial Observer: Cap and Invest-It’s Complicated

The Partial Observer by Roger Caiazza Cap and Invest: It’s Complicated As part of the Hochul Administration’s plan to implement the Climate Leadership & Community Protection Act (Climate Act), a market-based pollution control program called ‘’cap and invest” was proposed earlier this year in legislation associated with the budget. It was not included in the final budget bill but it will be considered later this year. This is an overview of this complicated proposal that has affordability and energy use…

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