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• bharper3407: You will be missed Lou! This man touched more lives and made more dreams come true than anybody that I know..Can’t believe he is gone, but will never be forgotten! To the Presutti family my thoughts and prayers are with you #BeYourOwnHero

• zco21: I went to coopers town 3 week ago and he talked to us because we were from Wyoming and there has only been one Wyoming team since we went there. How sad

• jacob.wright: rip that’s crazy I’m here now and he talked to us like two days ago

• c_j3n53n: I was there last week. It was an amazing experience. One of the best times of my life!??

• jubztar_22: Rip

• jakelacey006: Rip coach…☹️

• only1mikepence: My son played there the last 2 summers. I coached there his 1st year. What a great experience! Coach touched many of people. His dream inspired kids to live their dreams and be their own hero. Thoughs and prayers go out to his family!!

• liamwebster19: RIP Cooperstown dreams park is the best place on earth

• bgr33n3: We’re on our way there right now?

• ben.powell: Rip

• tjkillaston: My group was the last ones to hear his speech R.I.P

• trent_nelson18: RIP Lou I played there this summer and it was the best experience in my life Cooperstown is what it is because of you there’s no one on earth that could ever replace you you’re a great man and my dreams have been fulfilled because of you✊???⚾️?

• jclark422: R.I.P

•.k42: I got to meet him and got a pin from him. He was a very great man and he will be missed.

• vincentlasalvia: R.I.P Lou you will be missed ??????????❤?




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  1. I have been to Cooperstown Dreams Park every year since 2009. I have had the honor of talking to Coach Lou several times. He was always so nice. Linda Presutti is a wonderful woman. She always takes time to chat with me. Cooperstown Dreams Park will not be the same without Coach Lou. I am really going to miss the opening ceremonies stories. The Dream that he built in memory of his Grandfather. So amazing. Love you and going to miss you Coach Lou. My thoughts and prayers are with the Presutti family.

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