PUCCI: Miller Support

Letter from Ray Pucci

Miller Support

Assemblyman Brian Miller has been a highly effective representative for this region throughout his tenure in Albany. He is seeking another term this November in a reconfigured district and many voters may not be aware of his commitment to service. Allow me to describe a few of his qualities in hopes that it may inform decisions when residents enter the ballot booth.

Assemblyman Miller works toward common sense results. His background in engineering leads him to find solutions by building broad support from both sides of the political aisle. Brian is well-respected by his Assembly colleagues because of his temperament and genuine desire to work in the best interest of those he represents.

Brian has surrounded himself with a staff that shares his commitment to service. Brian and his team have helped dozens of business owners navigate the labyrinth of state agency regulations, brought big-issue concerns to the attention of officials, and have connected communities with resources needed to grow.

As a result of the redistricting process, Brian Miller will no longer be my Assembly representative. I will, however, continue to treasure our friendship and rely on his knowledge. I look forward to his continued service to our region.

Ray Pucci

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