questionnaire 2017 — dan wilber


DISTRICT 10, Burlington/Edmeston/Pittsfield (unopposed)


EDUCATION:  Fire Protection – Water Based Suppression Systems; Hazardous Materials



  • USAF Photographer, four years; USAF Thunderbirds, 1979 to 1982
  • Photographer, New York State National Guard, four years


  • Officer/Fire Safety Officer, state Department of Correctional Services
  • Director of security/fire, Main Office, state Office of Children & Family Services
  • Family-owned Two-Way Radio Dealership, Motorola
  • Owner/Operator, multiple retail stores
  • Director, Otsego County Code Office
  • Assistant Director, Employee Safety, state Department of Transportation
  • Code Compliance Manager, Aviation Bureau


Volunteer Fire & Ambulance Services, 42 Years:

  • District Chief, three departments
  • Fire Instructor
  • Currently Member of Edmeston FD and Rescue Squad

Former Town Justice – Town of Burlington

Lions, Relay for Life

FAMILY:  Wife of 16 years, Alison; daughter, Rose; son, Ayden; mother Betty, 91, resides with us

PHILOSOPHY OF GOVERNMENT: Government should be kept small providing essential services the people cannot provide for themselves.


  • Opioid Crisis
  • Lack of Major Employment Opportunities
  • Insufficient infrastructure to attract new business to include internet and energy.
  • Unfunded New York State Mandates

MY QUALITIES: Willingness and desire to work with all parties, across party lines to reach consensus to get things done.

STATEMENT: Otsego has made great strides in accomplishing major milestones.  We need to continue this momentum and continue on.  Some recent achievements include:

  • Invested millions of dollars into an outdated, crumbling 911 communication system to get our residents emergency help when they need it.
  • Completely upgraded our E-911 call center and E-911 Backup Centers to elevate service and reliability. The center is state-of-the-art.
  • Implemented long overdue infrastructure upgrades in the County’s IT Department.
  • Commissioned consultants to guide the county through the development of the Otsego County Strategic Plan
  • In 2018 we will invest in our fire training center with a new “burn building” supporting our firefighters to prepared to protect their residents when needed
  • All County unionized bargaining units are currently under contract.
  • Saw the construction of a solar farm on County property in Laurens that will generate $40,000 worth of energy savings annually for the County.
  • Voted to budget monies to upgrade and renovate the jail to satisfy Commission on Corrections.
  • The county worked with NYMIR, our insurance carrier, to set up a Safety Committee that reviewed procedures and policies on how our departments function. Otsego County earned the distinction of a statewide Safety Award for 2017 from NYMIR.
  • As a member of Public Works Committee advocated for Highway Infrastructure spending to be exponentially increased in the last two years. 25 County roads have been paved in October alone.
  • The Shared Services agreement with Onondaga County Purchasing Department has saved the County hundreds of thousands of dollars. We contracted with Onondaga, and they ensure that our purchases are legally compliant and we get the best possible price and service for our money. Department. Other counties are now attempting to duplicate this successful model of shared services.
  • A new Vehicle Lease and Maintenance Program recently proposed by Public Works and adopted by the Administration Committee will reduce vehicle costs and minimize repair expenses.



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