Sansevere Runs, Foils Coronation Of Trustees

Sansevere Runs, Foils

Coronation Of Trustees

His Petition Ensures Competition, With
3 Seeking 2 Seats In March 21 Election
John Sansevere

By JIM KEVLIN • Special to

COOPERSTOWN – John Sansevere, who ran for Village Board in 2015 to ensure a race instead of a coronation, is doing the same in the upcoming March 21 village elections.

Sansevere filed his petition in advance of Tuesday’s deadline, ensuring a place on the ballot as an independent.

In 2015, he was endorsed by the Village Republican Committee, but this year the GOP organization missed the deadline that would have allow it to call a caucus to nominate candidates.

This year, he will be competing with incumbent Trustees Ellen Tillapaugh Kuch and Lou Allstadt.  Two years ago he ran against incumbents Cindy Falk and Jim Dean, tallying 131 votes to Falk’s 198 and Dean’s 164.

However, Sansevere’s bid, the first by a Republican since the Democrats swept the field in 2011, brought 284 villagers to the polls, compared to half that the year before.  In 2011, the last time both parties fielded full slates, 650 voters cast ballots.

Sansevere is a former banker in New York City, where he was involved in assuring the security of computer systems.  He moved here in the early 1990s with wife Madeline.  He currently serves on the village Zoning Board of Appeals.

He did not return a phone call by the time of this post, but will be interviewed in upcoming days.

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