Special Election & Primary Results Posted

Otsego County Special Election
& Primary Results Posted

The unofficial results of the special election in Otsego County to fill Antonio Delgado’s senate seat as well as the results of the Democratic and Republican primaries for the 19th Congressional District, the 21st Congressional District, and the 51st State Senate District are as follows. (Updated 10 a.m. August 24, 2022)

Candidate for 19th Congressional District (Unexpired)Results
Pat Ryan (Democrat)3,807 (44.24%)
Marcus Molinaro (Republican)3,872 (44.99%)
Marcus Molinaro (Conservative)562 (6.53%)
Pat Ryan (Working Families)346 (4.02%)
Write-In19 (0.22%)
Total Votes Cast8,606
Total Ballots Cast8,621
Democratic Primary for 19th Congressional DistrictResults
Jamie Cheney738 (34.29%)
Josh Riley1,401 (65.10%)
Write-In13 (0.60%)
Total Votes Cast2,152
Total Ballots Cast2,173
Republican Primary for 51st State Senate DistrictResults
Terry Bernardo1,321 (33.07%)
Peter K. Oberacker2,664 (66.70%)
Write-In9 (0.23%)
Total Votes Cast3,994
Total Ballots Cast4,007
Democratic Primary for 21st Congressional DistrictResults
Matt Castelli 1,215 (90.54%)
Matt Putorti122 (9.09%)
Write-In5 (0.37%)
Total Votes Cast1,342
Total Ballots Cast1,365

Election results can be viewed at the Otsego County Board of Elections website at otsegocounty.com/departments/board_of_elections/index.php

2 thoughts on “Special Election & Primary Results Posted

  1. Drew Downie

    You really should put in there that these are Otsego County results only. Ryan beat Molinaro in the race but you make it look like Molinaro won. That’s wrong.

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