Springbrook, D&H Rail Yards Big Winners of CFA Funding



By LIBBY CUDMORE • allotsego.com

ONEONTA — A $400,000 renovation to upgrade Springbrook’s residential facilities was awarded today through the Mohawk Valley Regional Economic Development Council’s Consolidated Funding Application.

In all, four of the eight Otsego County projects were funded, a total of $700,000 towards economic development and job growth for the region.

“It’s a positive step forward,” said IDA president Sandy Mathes.  “Our projects were all linked directly to job growth.”

The 200 acre site of Oneonta’s former D&H rail yards will be examined for development, thanks to $47,500 in funds earmarked to determine what sort of industrial activities could be conducted on the site.  “This was our number one project,” he said.  “We want to take a hard look and blueprint for how we proceed with redevelopment.”

The Otsego County’s agricultural microenterprise program received a $200,000 award, which will be used to fund a required entrepreneurial training program and assist up to 10 enterprises across the county.

The Village of Cooperstown received $58,000 to the Village of Cooperstown to conduct and prepare a Comprehensive Plan and Revitalization Strategy.  “It’s the second phase of our development plan,” said Mathes.  “There are six targeted retail sites, and this will give us architectural drawings that we can show to investors.”

With this announcement, Mathes says he is confident going forward that more projects will be funded in the future.

“There is a well-recognized and long-standing need for targeted initiatives in Otsego County to generate increased economic activity,” said state Sen. Jim Seward, R-Milford, in a press release issued by the IDA. “These grant awards represent a major victory for Otsego County and an important first step toward growth and prosperity for the people who live there.”