Springbrook Wages Rise To Cuomo’s 2019 Level

Springbrook Hikes Pay

To Cuomo’s 2019 Level

 Goal: Attract Employees, Lower Turnover

Tyrone Lohr, Maggie Reopell and Noble Champen were chosen by their fellow DSPs to represent their point of view in an upcoming article in the Springbrook newsletter.

ONEONTA – Springbrook is getting ahead of Governor Cuomo’s minimum-wage increases, raising its “direct support professionals”  to the 2019 level, effective New Year’s Day.

Otsego County’s third largest employer, Springbrook provides residential living for disabled children and adults on its Milford Center campus and group homes around the region.

The wage increase for its DSPs is a $1.2 million investment, Springbrook said in announcing the wage hikes today.

“Direct support professionals … shoulder a huge amount of responsibility,” said Patricia Kennedy, Springbrook’s CEO.  “They are educators, first responders, mentors, and advocates. Yet, New York State has failed to adequately provide organizations like Springbrook the financial resources to fairly compensate DSPs for their essential work.”

As a result, qualified employees are hard to find and to retain, she said, leading to “a crisis point … Springbrook is committed to the success, at work and at home, of every person who chooses to work for our organization. This sweeping wage increase is our way of proving that commitment. We refuse to wait for New York State to fix this problem for us.”

The wage increase address one of several “documented factors” the cause turnover, and is part of a five-year plan that includes access to training and education, and career advancement.

“We are proud that Springbrook’s turnover rate is much lower than the New York State average, which is nearly 30 percent, and we plan to continue to lead the way,” said Kennedy.

The plan includes expanded college partnerships so employees can work toward bachelor degrees.  A Springbrook Scholars program also allows employees to pursue advanced degrees.

Springbrook  also offers a offers comprehensive benefits package, including health, dental, and vision insurance, 401(k) retirement, life insurance, a minimum of 160 hours (20 days) of paid time off and 64 hours (eight days) of paid sick time, as well as the Springbrook Scholars program for employees interested in pursuing advanced degrees while working at Springbrook.

Cuomo’s program will increase the minimum wage Upstate to $11.10 at the end of 2018, to $11.80 by the end of 2019, and $12.50 by the end of 2020.  After that, the director of the state Division of Budget will determine the schedule to raise the wage to $15.

One thought on “Springbrook Wages Rise To Cuomo’s 2019 Level

  1. Ann Gentry

    That’s great but for the work these people do and the cost of living it still isn’t enough. I worked in this field for almost 20 years and I missed out on a lot of important holidays with my family. It is a very rewarding job and everyone should be paid well for a job not everyone can do it takes a special person to take care of people with special needs.

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