Support Early Voting, Seward, Salka Asked

Support Early Voting,

Seward, Salka Asked

To the Editor:
As people of faith, we care about early voting being funded for New York State because all eligible voters should have the freedom to vote at a convenient time without the worry of putting their jobs and personal responsibilities at risk.
Voting is the most fundamental right of every democracy, and New York lawmakers have finally stepped up to their responsibility to assure that all citizens of the state have equal access to the polls.
But in order to ensure that early voting can be implemented in 2019, the state budget for this year must include dedicated funding to counties to cover start-up costs and ensure seamless implementation.
We urge Senator Seward and Assemblyman Salka to support adequate funding for early voting in 2019!

Irene Morrissey
Marty Van Lenten Becker
Gray Matters
First United Methodist Church

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