SWAIN: It’s Time To Let Columbus Regard Go


It’s Time To Let

Columbus Regard Go

To the Editor:

Claudia Tenney – you need to relearn your history of the Americas! (Re column, Oct. 15-16.) Italian-Americans have more to offer North America than Columbus!

Said man gleaned money from the Spanish king and queen who gave him enough money to buy the Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria. He told them he would sail east and find a new place for them and more gold.

Columbus reached South America and claimed that land for the K+Q.

He knew he found India – thus “Indians.” He never got north of the Panama Canal, (built long after him), and brought back to Spain some “Indians” and what little gold he could get out of the local rulers.

North American natives have no reason to be called “Indians.” They fought and worked with the Dutch and English people who came and empowered the local people. Ever since these natives have
been dealt with horribly.

A far greater person than you or me made a statement we must remember: “A house divided against itself cannot stand” – President Lincoln.


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