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NORTHRUP: Sedition Is Part Of American History – But Some Learn Lessons

Sedition Is Part Of American

History – But Some Learn Lessons

To the Editor:

Sometimes sedition is a good thing. Sometimes, not so much. My family are experts in sedition and revolution. We may in fact be some of the most revolting people in America.

When sedition wins, history, which is written by the winners, proclaims you a hero. When sedition fails, history proclaims you a traitor.

Our first seditious loss came in North Carolina, where, as colonials, we joined The Regulators, in a localized tax revolt against Great Britain in 1771. We lost that one, but that seditious revolt was a precursor to the Revolution in 1776, where we were on the winning side.

NORTHRUP: From The Front Lines Of The Border Wars


From The Front Lines

Of The Border Wars

Cooperstown’s Chip Northrup, left, rides with rancher Warner Glenn in the Animas Mountains of the Diamond A Ranch, as he did the day that Robert Krentz was killed on his ranch in 2010, a case that gained national attention.

To the Editor:

Our pal Kelly Kimbro lives on a ranch in Arizona near the Hadley’s Diamond A Ranch which is on the border with Mexico. I was riding with Kelly and her dad Warner Glenn in the Animas Mountains of the Diamond A Ranch the day that Robert Krentz  was killed on his ranch.

Kelly was featured on CNN on Wednesday in a report on the border wall.  As she points out in the interview, building a discontinuous section of wall in the middle of the high desert is not going to make America any more safe and secure. Almost all of the drugs come across the way everything else does – by truck on roads at the 50 ports of entry or in ships or air freight from China.

NORTHRUP: If Sanctuary Passes, County May Be Sued For Failing To Enforce NY Law

If Sanctuary Passes, County

May Be Sued For Failing

To Enforce NY Law

To the Editor:
As elected officials, you of all people do not have the luxury of deciding which laws you will uphold and which you will ignore, much less willfully and publicly flaunt as a partisan political stunt.
If you adopt this scofflaw “gun sanctuary” ordinance, you will be sued for failure to uphold New York State laws – laws that you are free to challenge in court, but laws that you cannot selectively ignore or flaunt to the detriment of the rule of law, to the loss the trust that has been placed in you, or to the breach of your oath of office.


NORTHRUP: Limit Public Flagpoles To State, U.S. Flags

Limit Public Flagpoles

To New York, U.S. Flags

To the Editor:

Now that Oneonta has gotten into the flag du jour game, it may be time to review the wisdom of flying anything other than an American flag on a publicly owned flag pole. Again.

Absent a state law governing what flags can lawfully be flown on municipal flag poles, the only lawful options in New York State are the national flag, the state flag and the municipal flag.

Not bastardized versions of the American flag with black and blue stripes, nor rainbow stripes, nor with images of an orange conman superimposed, all of which are violations of the Flag Code:

“The flag should never have placed upon it, nor on any part of it, nor attached to it any mark, insignia, letter, word, figure, design, picture, or drawing of any nature.”

Both the mayor and police chief were right to have the latest public desecration taken down from the municipal flag pole. For the last 244 years, we’ve done just fine flying the American flag – unadulterated – let’s keep it that way.


NORTHRUP: Don’t Back ‘Gun Sanctuary’ Idea


Don’t Back ‘Gun Sanctuary’ Idea

To the Editor:

Dear county board members, I am writing to oppose the proposed “gun sanctuary” initiative as being an ill-conceived abuse of the county’s legislative powers, a pointless political stunt and frankly, a bit silly.

The United States is, by law, a “gun owner’s sanctuary.” The State of New York has jurisdiction over local gun laws, and no county, town, village or city can pass gun laws that would not be redundant to the state or conflict with state law without the state’s consent.

Passing a “feel good” resolution in support of gun rights is one thing, if primarily partisan grand-standing, but declaring the county itself some sort of special jurisdiction would, at best, make the board look a bit foolish.

My company has several patents that teach correct lead on moving targets and two patents on using Augmented Reality headsets on real moving targets for the military.

I invented these shooting systems while learning to shoot skeet at the Coopers-town skeet range. In Otsego County, New York. Without the benefit or need of a “sanctuary” for myself or my gun, thanks very much.


NORTHRUP: Robbins Like GOP Of Yesteryear


Robbins Like

GOP Of Yesteryear

To the Editor:

The last time I wrote a letter supporting a Republican was for Gov. Jeb Bush, which was published as a guest editorial in the Manchester Union Leader during the primaries.

What a better world it would be if a capable guy like Jeb had won. Lordy.

I am not a resident of New York State so I can’t vote here, but I do live here much of the year and I would encourage anyone who can vote here to vote for Mary-Margaret Robbins, a person that I have come to know as being forthright, inventive, meticulous, cheerful and quietly courageous – all increasingly rare attributes – and particularly needed in government officials.

If the Republican Party is to have a productive future, it will be with decent people of integrity like Mary-Margaret, Jeb Bush and Mitt Romney.


Vote For Candidate With Integrity, Dignity, Veracity

Vote For Candidate With

Integrity, Dignity, Veracity

To the Editor:

The first Presidential candidate that I supported was Barry Goldwater in 1964. That was not a popular position in Texas, where LBJ was revered. I got into a few arguments.

I did so because of Goldwater’s integrity, his personal ethics, his honor.

The second political candidate I supported was JFK – for the same reasons – compared to Nixon, JFK was a paragon of integrity.

I have tried to support the candidate with the most integrity in each election, which is why I could not support Bill Clinton.

The first qualifications of a President are integrity, honor, and dignity.

This year, the choice is clear: Joe Biden has integrity, dignity and honor. His opponent has little honor, little veracity and little integrity.

We cannot honor a man who has no honor. We cannot believe a man who has no veracity. We cannot follow a man who has no integrity.


NORTHRUP: Give Native Americans A Say

Give Native Americans A Say

In How Things Are Named

To the Editor:

My distant relative and friend, the late Jim Northrup, was a Native American, decorated Vietnam Marine vet, and very humorous author.

My real name is James so Jim and I used to joke about how all the “Jim Northrups are strong, handsome and above average.”

He’s gone now, but on his behalf, as his paleface relative, I’d like to suggest that when it comes to naming locations, sports teams and other things – ask a Native American.

If they’re OK with it, go ahead. If they’re not, rethink it.

Native Americans, including Jim and his brother, are disproportionately represented in the Armed Forces. They often struggle with health issues, but in my experience, they’re pretty much immune to bone spurs.

If something is going to be named for them, give them a say in it. All the Jim Northrups think it’s the right thing to do.


Families Like Floyd’s ‘Great Role Models’


Families Like Floyd’s

‘Great Role Models’

By LIBBY CUDMORE • Special to

Hazel Floyd helped raise Chip Northrup.

COOPERSTOWN – Chip Northrup knows a few things about protesting.

“There was a big billboard outside of Dallas that proclaimed ‘Welcome to the Home of the John Birch Society’,” he said. “So I got a gang together and we paint-bombed the billboard. I was Antifa before Antifa was cool!”

And when he heard about the death of Houston native George Floyd, Northrup recognized the name immediately.

In Appreciation: George Floyd


George Floyd, 46,

From Fellow Texan

By CHIP NORTHRUP • Special to

George Floyd

George Floyd was a big, happy-go-lucky Texan.

He had a daughter named Gianna and was a member of a Bible study class. I grew up in Texas with good hard working men like George, including members of his extended family.

Otis Floyd, Sr. was our handyman. His sons Otis, Jr., Michael and Clifford were our moving men. His wife, Hazel Gay Floyd helped raise our four children. Daughter Esther was our babysitter.

I spoke at Hazel’s funeral and thanked her for raising our children. Otis Jr. joked that she spent more time with our kids than with her own. She certainly spent more time with them than I did.

NORTHRUP: County Response Tops


County Primus Inter Paras

To the Editor:

Otsego County’s response to The Plague has been as good as anywhere in Europe or Asia and better than most places in America.

For that reason, the county is on track to safely reopen ahead of almost any other place in America, having met Governor Cuomo’s requirements.

By stark contrast, Texas is next to last in testing per capita, there are no contract tracers, little social distancing and few masks.

Texas’s unsafe “reopening plan” is simply a date, and the day the state reopened without regional rollouts, it recorded its highest number of new cases.

Efforts to control the spread of The Plague in Houston, Dallas, San Antonio and Austin were trumped by the governor’s hasty order, which was based entirely on the political science of the Gregorian Calendar.

By comparison, New York State’s response is positively First World and Otsego County is now literally the first of the first. Congratulations to all concerned.


NORTHRUP: The Answer? Conservation


The Answer? Conservation

To the Editor:

George W. Bush is an old acquaintance of mine, I have known him since before he was governor of Texas, much less President. Although he was a so-so governor and a terrible President, one thing he’s not is a hypocrite.

His erstwhile opponent, Al Gore, became the darling of the environmental movement with his groundbreaking film, “An Inconvenient Truth.” The most inconvenient truth about “Inconvenient Truth” is that Gore subsequently cashed in on “green technology” without limiting his own consumption of energy – while, in contrast, George retired to his solar-powered, energy-efficient, rain-harvesting, minimal-consumption Texas ranch.

I was in the solar energy business from 1973 to 1980, when we sold Northrup Energy to Atlantic Richfield, to create ARCO Solar, where I became the planning manager for alternative energy systems.

So I know the potential of alternative energy and its limitations.

Michael Moore has attempted to overturn some shibboleths of the green apple cart with his new documentary “Planet of the Humans.”

When you cut through the melodrama, misstatements and erroneous assumptions, the core conclusion of the film is sound, and one I agree with: The fundamental problem is our consumption of resources, the primary solution is conservation.

The easiest way to reduce energy consumption is to not use it. That was part of the original environmentalist message – conserve, recycle, reuse – much of which has been drowned out by the marketing of alternative energy systems as if over-reliance on fossil fuels can simply be replaced with over-reliance on renewable energy systems, some of which, particularly biomass, may not be so environmentally friendly after all.

It’s an inconvenient point that we have learned during The Plague: the most effective green solution is plain old-fashioned conservation. Try it some time.


NORTHRUP: Want To Cut Loose? Try Las Vegas

Want To Cut Loose?

Try  Las Vegas

To the Editor:

While Otsego County may be in the same Upstate region as Utica, the risk of re-opening Otsego County too soon is far greater than it would be for Utica.

Otsego County, particularly Cooperstown, is an international tourist destination; Utica, not so much.

While I am all for cautiously re-opening Otsego County, if the tourist industry were allowed to reopen in full, the relatively low number of local cases could balloon with the influx of tourists from all over the world, including from areas where the contagion is much more prevalent than it is in Otsego County.

That would swamp the local health care system.

Would advise against trying to re-enact Mardi Gras in Cooperstown.

If people want to have fun, get sick, lose their money, inject Clorox and die, they can always go to Las Vegas.

Until there is adequate screening, a vaccine, and a cure, job one is to not get sick.


While New York City Dithered, San Antonio Saw Threat, Responded

While New York City

Dithered, San Antonio

Saw Threat, Responded

Editor’s Note: Mr. Northrup’s letter is reprinted from the current editions of Hometown Oneonta & The Freeman’s Journal.

To the Editor:

Chip Northrup

In Texas, a city or county can issue and enforce stay-at-home health orders without the state’s permission. Some West Texas counties have prohibited out-of-county residents from staying in the county overnight, the landlords are fined $1,000 a day.

In New York, only the state can issue such sweeping health directives, no such balkanization is allowed.

This centralization of authority proved to be fatal in New York, since the state was too slow to act fast enough on major metropolitan areas – namely New York City.

The first coronavirus case was reported in San Antonio, Texas, on March 1, the same day the first case was recorded in New York. Acting without waiting on the state, the mayor of San Antonio prohibited large gatherings the next day and canceled the annual municipal fiesta.


NORTHRUP: It’s Right To Close Schools; Dreams Park Must Be Next

It’s Right To Close Schools;

Dreams Park Must Be Next

To the Editor:

Schools are the absolute best places to transmit airborne diseases, almost as effective as cruise ships.

In the average size high school, there are over 750,000 contacts a day at less than 10 feet that can potentially transmit an airborne disease such as the flu or COVID-19. And that does not include making out behind the stadium.

The fact that children don’t get as sick as adults with COVID-19 makes them ideal transmitters of the disease. To gramps and granny.

So closing the schools is step one in fighting the spread of airborne diseases. Good on Cooperstown Central, the Hall of Fame and the Clark Sports Center for shutting down or limiting access. Cooperstown should be where epidemics, not people, go to die.

Step 2 is closing down any other large gathering place of kids, such as the Dreams Park.

If COVID 19 is not under control by May, the Dreams Park should not be allowed to open in June.ronavirus, Cooperstown news, Otsego County news

The vulnerability, the potential weak link in any pandemic are the hospitals. They have to be protected at all costs. Bassett has to be protected. And the best way to protect Bassett is to avoid over-burdening it with sick tourists from around the world.


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