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Gerry Welch

WELCH: Politicians Are Beating the Drum
Letter from Gerry Welch

Politicians Are Beating the Drum

Again the drumming of politicians promising the moon. Lowering taxes, attacking crime, public work projects, offering handouts! What is needed: Refine existing programs, reduce waste and stop making promises that can’t be kept. They should offer to shore up our Social Security system.

Gerry Welch

WELCH: Rising Temperatures
Letter from Gerry Welch

Rising Temperatures

“The Snowball Effect explains how small actions carried out over time can lead to big results.” The Fireball Effect explains the opposite. Melting streets.

Gerry Welch

Letter by Gerry Welch: Cooperstown should modify dam to allow drainage

Letter by Gerry Welch:
Cooperstown should
modify dam
to allow drainage 

Because experts are saying we must prepare for the new reality of flood events, I suggest the Cooperstown dam be modified to allow large drainage. Any early signs of potential catastrophic rain events approaching release as much water as possible to reduce backup. Best way to accomplish this task is to build floodgates.

WELCH: Expecting COVID Will Go Away Is Magical Thinking

Expecting COVID Will Go

Away Is Magical Thinking

To the Editor:

Authorities seem to believe the coronavirus is going to behave like SARS. Here today and probably gone tomorrow. Magically disappear.

They are simply not preparing for the potential long haul, that of the virus again and again rearing its ugly head.

They also don’t seem to be willing to think that immunity is gained by surviving the disease.
I think out of the box, both these possibilities should be used in planning. We will know more in time, but time is of the essence.

Warning: Meanwhile, the economy is imploding and will snowball, growing ever more self-destructive. All businesses are essential, at the very least to those needing to support their families.

I need a haircut!


Local Inventor Sees UV-Based Face Mask As Part Of Solution


Local Inventor Sees

UV-Based Face Mask

As Part Of Solution

Given the shortage of disposal face masks, Cooperstown inventor Gerry Welch believes his “Aegis 12” UV-powered invention may be part of the solution. (Jim Kevlin/

By JIM KEVLIN • Special to

Click on the image to see full-size description of the “Aegis 12.)

COOPERSTOWN –  Local inventor Gerry Welch believes he may have an answer to the face-mask shortage the nation is facing as it battles the Coronavirus threat.

For several years now, Welch has been promoting the “Aegis 12,” which the publicity describes as a “Healthcare Face Mask with Fail-Safe Power Pack.”

The device is two face masks with a silver foil layer in between, attached to a power pack that may be placed in a breast pocket or hung around the user’s neck.

WELCH: Let’s Focus On Most Vulnerable

Let’s Focus On

Most Vulnerable

To the Editor:

In the case of the Coronavirus, governments are opening a multi-front war by initiating massive quarantines that are inadvertently weakening the entire system.

Suggestion: Governments focus attention on protecting the elderly and people with weakened immune systems.

Do not, however, defeat the economic support system that feeds and supports us by not allowing life to continue as close to normal as possible.

Other than the aforementioned resolve, treat this virus as you would a serious flu and work on producing vaccines. It is no longer survival of the fittest, it is now survival of the most unfit. If the bar was a limbo bar it would be set so high as to be over most people’s head.

Should the virus mutate and become more serious, then let us cross that bridge if we should come to it.


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