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June 27-2019

BOUND VOLUMES June 27, 2019


June 27, 2019


A new State: The bill providing for the erection of the District of Maine into a new State, has passed the Senate and House of the Assembly of Massachusetts, 193 to 50. Every member from Maine voted for the separation.
The following toast was given at Athens in the State of Georgia at a dinner where the President of the United States was present: “The slave trade, the scourge of Africa, the disgrace of humanity – may it cease forever; and may the voice of peace, of Christianity and civilization, be heard on the savage shores.”
The weather has been uncommonly warm for some days the week past, and the progress of vegetation remarkably rapid. The prospect of abundant crops has not been so good for many years. It is understood that there is much strife among the agriculturalists and there will probably be many candidates for the premiums at the cattle show in the fall.

June 28, 1819


Printers. No trade sends into the world smarter and more active men than that of printing. Look to the posts of trust and honor – where talent and energy are required – and you will be most likely to find them filled by Printers. Who make our best Editors, Lawyers, Preachers, Mayors and Congressmen? Printers! Printing is a glorious business, thus to fit men for honor and usefulness. There are something like a dozen printers in Congress – all of them honors to their profession. Who would not be a printer? To the young apprentices at the case, or the roller stand, with smutty faces or dirty fingers, we would say – “Don’t be discouraged.” A few years ago, all the distinguished men we have named above, were similarly employed.

June 24, 1844


Our Railroad – Next month the Cooperstown Railroad will be completed. Passenger trains will be run about July 12. Then we shall have something to exhibit which cannot be found in the vast empire of China, all western and central Asia, and the whole of Africa, except Egypt and the French and English colonies. The United Kingdom of Great Britain has 14,247 miles; the French empire 9,934; Prussia, including all of North Germany, 7,237; Russia, 4,317; Italy, 4,100; and the Austrian Empire, 4,429. The United States has 42,255 which is as many as Great Britain, France, North Germany and Austria together with all Russia and Denmark besides.

June 25, 1869


The regular Athletic season will open this week Friday with the Athletics playing the Minneconji Indian B.B.C. This team is the one great Indian base ball club of the United States. They come from the Minneconji Reservation of Missouri where they have been playing ball for three years. This is their first trip east, and with their three years practice, they now have a team that can cope successfully with the best. We quote from their Agent’s open letter to Managers: “In symmetry of form, comeliness of features, with willowy grace and rare agility, they are absolutely without a counterpart. It is not only very interesting to watch these copper-colored sons of the plains play ball, but at times very funny. Their ludicrous antics and mad capers, when there is a close play, is a never-ending source of amusement to the spectators, and must be seen to be appreciated.”

June 28, 1894


Otesaga Opens for 1919 Season – With a large number of arrivals, including many motoring parties over the weekend, the 1919 season of the Otesaga, Cooperstown’s palatial summer hotel, opened last Saturday night for the coming season extending to October. A majority of the guests on the opening night were automobile parties who took advantage of the good motoring weather to visit Cooperstown for the weekend. C.B. Knott, the proprietor and manager has been in Cooperstown preparatory to the opening. The staff of the hotel is as follows: Chief Clerk, H.S. Kimball; Room Clerk, Frank M. Pearson; Housekeeper, Mrs. F.E. Gilbert; Steward, George A. McKain; Musical Director, Harry Meyer.
Clark Simmons is officially reported dead. The sad news that Clark F. Simmons, son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Simmons, of 209 Main Street, had been killed in action, was received by his parents on Wednesday night of last week in a telegram from the adjutant general’s department. This cleared up the suspense of his fate which had been in doubt since last November, when Simmons was reported missing in action.

June 25, 1919


In Cooperstown – Miss Mary McGown, who has been a student in Oberlin College, Oberlin, Ohio, arrived home for the summer on Saturday.
Dr. Charles H. Peckham of the Mary Imogene Bassett Hospital has returned from a meeting of the American Gynecological Society at Hershey, Pennsylvania where he participated in a discussion of several papers on “Eclampsia.”
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Reed received word Tuesday that their son, Pvt. Donald Reed, Jr., was a patient in an Army hospital in Italy with wounds receive recently on the front lines. Pvt. Reed was occupying a building which was hit by a Nazi shell. He sustained a fractured nose, a sprained knee and contusions. He reports that his condition is good.

June 28, 1944


Thanks to New York State taxpayers, $125,000 from New York State’s budget will be going towards renovations at Doubleday Field. Money allocated for Doubleday Field was part of a $135.5 million sports construction package to refurbish or repair 15 minor league baseball fields around the state.

June 28, 1995


Contractors David Butler and Chris Chandler are putting the final touches on a flag painted on the north side of a barn on Brian Tramontozzi’s farm on the Fly Creek Valley road. The flag, 14 by 30 feet is the correct proportion. Butler, Chandler and Ben Anderson have been restoring the barns on Three Hour Farm, so-named by Tramontozzi because it reflects the time it takes him to drive to Fly Creek from his home in the New York Metropolitan area. Because of the roughness of the barn’s siding, each star was individually cut, dipped in paint and nailed in place.

June 26, 2009

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