Sharon Stuart

Hometown Oneonta: July 11, 2024

Operations at the test well on the farm of Merritt Hazlett, about two miles from Treadwell on the road to Franklin, have been abandoned for the time being. Though a few small pockets of gas were struck, the flow was not sufficient to be of commercial value. The outside casing of the well is being left in place, with a block closing the opening. Ralph Sawyer of Bolivar, contractor in charge of drilling, explained that the apparatus in…

Bound Volumes: July 11, 2024.

The history of all governments exhibits the struggles of two great parties—one rallying under the banner of the rights of property, the other under those of persons. The one will strive as a matter of course, to resolve the whole system into an extension of the rights of property so as to swallow up and annihilate those of persons. The latter will stand on the defensive and do all that is in its power to preserve and defend…

Bound Volumes: July 4, 2024

A suffrage meeting was organized last week by Miss Anna Constable of New York who is the guest of Mrs. Walter Watson Stokes at the Crooked Cottage. Miss Constable, who is prominent in New York as a member of the Woman’s Political Union is an ardent suffragist and has secured many faithful followers through her plausible reasons in regard to the question of the ballot as a means of freedom, advancement and political purity to the country. Through…

Hometown History: July 4, 2024

110 Years Ago
Local News—A shirt waist dance for the members of the Oneonta Country Club will be held at the club house Saturday night, July 4, from 8 to 11 o’clock. A late car from Hartwick will stop at the club grounds at 10:15 p.m. in order that members who do not happen to be motor car owners can return to the city after the dance.
The Otsego & Herkimer trolley company will run an excursion from Oneonta to Canadarago Park…

Hometown History: June 27, 2024

Five persons were shaken up and one cut above the right eye when the car in which they were riding went out of control and crashed down an embankment between Wells and Rose avenues, landing in the middle of three D&H tracks about 9 o’clock last night. With a train due in five minutes, city and railroad police, assisted by volunteers, made quick work of moving the automobile. Mrs. Claire Harmon, wife of Milton Harmon of 3 Stapleton…

Bound Volumes: June 27, 2024

Some interesting statistics may be gathered from the last statistical abstract of the United States. It appears that the revenue of the government amounted in 1888 to $6.32 per capita of population. The expenditures of the government, not including payment of the national debt, amounted to $4.47 per capita. The national debt per capita amounted to $17.71, and the interest thereon to 65 cents. The duties collected on imports amounted to $3.47 per capita, and the internal revenue…

Hometown History: June 20, 2024

110 Years Ago
The annual Flag Day outing of the local chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution was held on Saturday, the event being a luncheon served by the chapter at the camp of Mrs. J. Olney Rowe at Goodyear Lake. The day and the scene were alike ideal and the 36 ladies who participated declared it one of the most delightful and enjoyable events of the organization. Those attending were all conveyed to the camp in motor cars…

Bound Volumes: June 13, 2024

The War News—Lee has gathered in his forces for a stubborn defense of Richmond, and with no prospect of any material aid from the Navy, Gen. Grant has no easy task before him. The enemy have strong and extensive works and an immense army behind them. And they doubtless intend to defend their capital to the last. The result is likely, almost certainly, to be in Grant’s favor. We believe he will succeed, but his success will necessarily…

Hometown History: June 13, 2024

That the people of Oneonta are thoroughly aroused over the street paving question, was shown by the large turnout of citizens at the meeting last evening of village trustees. A petition generally signed by property owners along Main Street was presented to the board, asking that the street be macadamized. The key to the situation appears to be with the street car company. If it will consent to pave between the tracks with asphalt, it is thought certain…

Bound Volumes: June 6, 2024

Lamentable Occurrence—On Sunday morning, about 10 o’clock, six persons—Abraham Walter, Catherine Walter, Nancy Walter, Caroline Barringer, Charles Hardendorff, and Celinda Walter, attempted to cross Lake Summit, in the north part of the town of Springfield, in a small, leaky boat. Before they had reached half the distance they were alarmed at the increase of the leakage and commenced bailing out the water, the women using their shoes for that purpose, but to no effect, as it increased rapidly…

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