Solar Panels


Malhotra: Our Way To Save the Planet

How, on a personal level, are we trying to save the planet from global warming? Since 2016, we got 42 solar panels installed by using my retirement money. We are saving five to 10 trees each month, or a carbon offset of 450-900 pounds per month. By August 2023, we will have saved 420-840 trees with a carbon offset of 37,800-75,600 pounds.…


Middlefield Adopts Solar Panel Zoning Law

Middlefield Adopts Solar Panel Zoning Law By CASPAR EWIGMIDDLEFIELD Installation of solar panels was not listed as a permitted use in residential zoning districts established by the Town of Middlefield Zoning Law as amended in 2016. But with the present emphasis on the development of renewable energy, the Town Board determined that an overall law should be enacted to deal with the various forms of solar panel installations. Accordingly, the board held a public hearing on February 14, at which…


Solar Permits, Urban Forests On Sustainability Taskforce Update

Task Force Briefs City Council On Solar Permits, Urban Forests By LIBBY CUDMORE • for ONEONTA – The sustainability task force wants to make it easier for homeowners to let the sunshine in – with solar panels, that is. “We’ve brought forward a unified solar permit that makes it easier to go through the process of getting permits for rooftop solar,” said Mark Davies, a member of the Sustainability Task Force during tonight’s meeting of the Common Council.  “If…