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Letter from Ashok Malhotra

Our Way To Save the Planet

How, on a personal level, are we trying to save the planet from global warming?

Since 2016, we got 42 solar panels installed by using my retirement money. We are saving five to 10 trees each month, or a carbon offset of 450-900 pounds per month. By August 2023, we will have saved 420-840 trees with a carbon offset of 37,800-75,600 pounds. We are also saving approximately $200.00 a month on our electric bill, amounting to a savings of $16,800.00 in seven years. Furthermore, my wife and I bought two hybrid cars: one is used mostly in the city, costing $50.00 of gas a month, whereas the other, costing $100.00 a month, gives us 40 miles a gallon on the highway.

It is quite an accomplishment for one family to save Mother Earth. Realistically, when most of the people in New York State and then in the U.S. get their solar panels and hybrid cars or electric cars, we might be able to save our planet for ourselves, our children, and the future generations. Think about it seriously and take action!

Ashok Malhotra


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