The AllOtsego Report, Ep. 16: The 9/11 edition

The AllOtsego Report, Ep. 16:
The 9/11 edition

STAFF REPORT • Special to

In a very special episode of The AllOtsego Report, Greg and Kevin break format to discuss last week’s 20th anniversary of 9/11 memorials and their feelings about the event. Both men were living in the New York City suburbs at the time and both know people who were in the towers, who had/have PTSD from the experience or have gotten sick and/or died from 9/11 syndrome. Several people in Kevin’s world also died that day or soon after from the attack or the aftermath.

Trigger warning: We discuss the events of 9/11 and its aftermath in a way that might cause stress for other people directly affected by the terrorist attack. And some of our opinions may offend, too, but we make no apologies for that because we are testifying about our experiences that day and our feelings about where it has taken our county in the past 20 years since that awful day.
Prayers, love and respect to the first responders and victims (and their families) that day and to everyone who volunteers or works to help people in emergency situations.

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