Two Focus Employees Plead Guilty In Neglect Case

2 Employees Plead Guilty

In Neglect Case At Focus

By LIBBY CUDMORE • Special to

FLY CREEK – Two more employees of Focus Otsego have pleaded guilty for their part in neglecting a 94-year-old resident for over 41 hours last Memorial Day weekend.

LPN Amanda Gus and CNA Sarah Schuyler plead guilty to falsifying business records during their appearance yesterday before Judge Gary Kuch in the Town of Otsego court.

As part of her plea, Schuyler admitted to “never approaching” the woman, listed in court records as “M.P.” over her day shifts on May 29 and 30, but documenting that she had fed her two meals, done a skin check, washed and "toileted" her.

Gus admitted to not conducting the required neurological checks on M.P., who had fallen a short time earlier and required the checks twice per shift.  Gus documented four false checks during her shifts on May 29 and 30.

Both were fined $500 each, plus $205 in court fees, and now face having their licenses revoked by the state Department of Health.

LPN Lorraine Caldwell, 54, has been offered a plea deal and will appear in court on Wednesday, Jan. 18, to either accept the plea or go to trial.  


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