WALKER: Protest Take Away Free Speech Rights

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WALKER: Protest Take

Away Free Speech Rights

Editor’s Note: CCS graduate Bobby Walker, chairman of the state Federation of College Republicans, was present at the Nov. 18 appearance of Dr. Arthur Laffer at Binghamton University that was blocked by protesters.

It should have been a peaceful and educational evening at SUNY Binghamton.

The College Republicans were hosting Dr. Art Laffer, economic policy adviser to Presidents Reagan and Trump. But the presentation quickly turned into a frenzied attack.

Shortly after Dr. Laffer started his speech, members of Antifa and the student group Progressive Leaders for Tomorrow (PLOT) began to shout him down and cause an extreme disruption.

This organized mob of violent, far-left, radical students then confronted officers of the State Police and
University Police, who were attempting to restore order.

Myself, members of the College Republican Leadership, and other attendees witnessed at least two students assault law enforcement officers.

A phalanx of State Police rushed Dr. Laffer and College Republican leadership and myself through a back service entrance of the auditorium for their safety while the auditorium was brought This is becoming commonplace on campuses across our state and our nation.

Conservative students are beaten for committing the high crime of being brave enough to wear a red MAGA cap on campus or express views that do not line up with the socialist views of radical progressives.

These students worked incredibly hard to raise money and put together this expensive event, only to have their money taken by the University and, now, banned by the student association, run by students who fall on the extreme left of the political spectrum.

Their offense this time? “Tabling without a permit”… WEEKS AGO.

This school will find any reason to silence conservatives while radical leftist thugs go unpunished and have free reign to wreak havoc on the campus community.

This is not the only one. This is the climate that conservative students face in every corner of our country. And the worst part is, these student groups believe they are doing a service to this nation by assaulting students and police officers, and quashing the freedom of speech of our students.

This political violence on college campuses has so far basically gone unchecked by the universities nationwide.

I am truly fearful for my fellow conservative students but I always pass along this message: We will never stoop to their level. We will firmly place our MAGA hats on our heads, take their punches and keep getting up to take more.

We will keep hosting speakers and also support all speakers who come to campus. We are on the right side of history, they are not.

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