Oneonta Man Arrested After Robbery Spree

Oneonta Man Arrested

After Robbery Spree

By LIBBY CUDMORE • Special to

Brian Ruple, 41, Oneonta, was arrested and charged with robbing four gas stations in the early-morning hours of Friday, April 24.

ONEONTA – Following four gas station robberies, including one where a clerk was stabbed, an Oneonta man has been arrested and charged in the five-hour spree across Oneonta and Otego overnight and into Friday morning.

“I called Mayor Herzig after we made the arrest,” said Oneonta Police Chief Doug Brenner. “I told him, ‘we got him, you can sleep well tonight’.”

Bryan Ruple, 41, Oneonta, was arrested last night, both by City of Oneonta police and State Police Troop C.

According to Brenner, Ruple’s first attempt was at the Kwik Fill, where he allegedly attempted to grab cash out of an open register drawer. The clerk slammed Ruple’s hand in the drawer to stop him, and Ruple allegedly stabbed him with a small knife before fleeing the store without any money.

According to state police, Ruple also robbed two other gas stations – at 2:27 at the Mirabito on Southside and at 5:38 a.m. at the Mirabito in Otego, where he was caught on camera.

“State police got good surveillance video footage, and we were able to use that in our investigation,” said Brenner.

At 6:20 a.m., Ruple allegedly returned to the city, where he allegedly told the clerk at the Taylor’s Mini Mart that he had a weapon. “He didn’t get more than $250 from Taylor’s,” said Brenner. “It was probably all the cash they had on hand.”

In the City, Ruple was charged with Robbery in the first degree and Attempted Robbery in the first degree. State Police charged him with Robbery in the first degree for the Mirabito on Southside and Attempted Robbery, first degree, for the Mirabito in Otego.

Ruple is being held in the Oneonta police lockup pending a video conference and arraignment.

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  1. Lisa Layton

    He is lucky he wasn’t shot by one of the clerks, it’s gonna be a wild west show shortly.

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