WHELAN: Transfer Station Needs Attention

Letter from Mary Anne Whelan

Transfer Station Needs Attention

While it’s all very well that things get recycled once they reach Albany, our local “Northern Transfer Station” is a disgrace. Anyone who doubts this is cordially invited to visit—Tuesday or Wednesday are especially good days. It is a stinking, filthy mess. Furthermore, the bins in which recycled material is supposed to go, are open: When weather gets in and dampens the contents, they go to garbage.

Casella may be the lowest bidder but they are not fit to manage this task, and I urge that they be replaced the next time their contract comes up. Management was much better under MOSA [Montgomery-Otsego-Schoharie Solid Waste Management Authority].

Additionally, cleaning up the blowing plastic along the “fence” line on the way up to the trash section is the responsibility of the county, not Casella. This is chronically neglected, despite complaints. I think the County Board should do it themselves, since they apparently can’t find the way to do it otherwise.

Mary Anne Whelan

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